Temple Solel’s 14th Annual Mitzvah Day (2/24/2022)

The Tikkun Olam Committee gives a huge thank you to all our Solel Mitzvahniks who gave so much of your time, energy and donations of money, clothing and toiletries for Mitzvah Day. Together we built a wheelchair-accessible gardening area for mobility-challenged individuals in our community, and a large worm-composting center for the entire community to be able to compost their food scraps and garden waste. We also decorated close to 100 backpacks which we will filled with toiletries and collected clothing and shoes, all for low-income individuals who obtain food from the Jewish Cupboard.

Everyone worked really hard, but I have to give a special shout out to Joanna Berens and Susan Mattes, who always do an amazing job of feeding us and organizing the toiletry sorting. Our Brotherhood members really shvitzed today, along with our teens and Rabbi, building the wheelchair-accessible gardening bed. Special thanks also go to Randy Cohen and Michael Jofe, who built the roof for the composting area on Saturday, in addition to all the hard work they did on Sunday. We also thank members of the Tikkun Olam Committee who set up on Saturday. Thank you also to Cantor, who provided us with beautiful music and song and to Rabbi Plost who gave us some wonderful words of wisdom.

We also want to thank our presenting sponsor, Home Depot, who works closely with us to provide all the supplies that enable us to do what we do. We are also grateful to Hazon, the Jewish Lab for Sustainability, for providing some of the funding for the composting project; and as always, we are indebted to Grand Café for donating so much delicious food- and always doing it with such grace.

 Our other generous sponsors were:


            Starbucks Coffee (across from the Temple)

            Target (Davie and Hollywood)

            Brooklyn Water Bagels

            Dunkin’ Donuts (Stirling and 56th)

We encourage you to patronize these stores and restaurants and tell the managers how much we appreciate their support.

Finally, we are so grateful to Jack Stromfeld, of blessed memory, who left money in his will for Mitzvah Day at Temple Solel. He was a great man who is remembered with love.